Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

                     Welcome to 2016!  Happy New Year my dear friends.  You know, they say what ever you are doing at the stroke of midnight is what you will be doing the rest of the year.  Well..this is what happened two years ago at Midnight.
          I was at local bar, chatting with a couple of friends.  Up walks a guy  who whispers in my ear " I heard you are good at sucking".  He took my hand and we pushed to the corner of the dance floor.  It was almost midnight.  We started kissing...he reaches down and slides my hand to his crotch.  His fly is open and there is his Dick head sticking out.  So........I just leaned in and licked.   Ok.....this was really HOT!  I know I'm a slut, but to be this age and licking on a Dick out in the open!! Yikes!!  ( there was a little bit of clapping as guys watched)
         We left thru the back door to the alleyway.  Before I knew it, he had me up against the wall and he slid down my jeans and in he went.... like really pounding felt soooo good!  But I pushed him away....I told him if he wanted to finish he needed a condom.  He slid on a condom and proceded to finish the job.  Just as I was about to cum, I looked over and realized there was 8 or 9 guys watching us two Queers fucking!  Shit, Shit, that was such a turn on... I came so hard the we both almost fell to the ground!
          And so.... I met Randy.


  1. best wishes for a marvellous sex full 2016

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