Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Flip Fuck Saturday Afternoon

             Skinny guys!  I mean really skinny guys!  Those two new "friends" of Waiter Guy that I met with yesterday.   I do have to say they both had beautiful firm Asses. One was quite hairy the othe one was baby smooth.  They both were Cut and both had wonderful Pubic bushes.    One smelled of Jasmine the other one baby oil.
           Waiter Guy and I got to their hotel around 2PM.  They answered the door both suitably naked and slightly wet from the shower.. One was already hard as a tall building, the other was soft with very low hanging balls. these two dudes could not have been more than 25. I could tell right away this was going to be a fun afternoon.  
           "lets sit on the balcony and have a drink" one said while putting a towel around himself.  Waiter Guy and I get undressed and wrap a towel on and join them on the balcony.  We sit in the sun and drink and smoke some weed and find out they are cousins.  Before the first cocktail is finished one of them is under my towel and sucking on my Balls.  The other on has Waiter Guy's beautiful Dick in his mouth.
           It did not take long before the towels were off an we were on the Hotel Bed and the Sucking and Fucking got going in ernest.  These dudes were so good ad what they were doing I was almost out of breath.  Everyone Did some Fucking and every one Got Fucked.  We Flipped and We Flopped..We Fucked all afternoon.
          By 4Pm or so we were all asleep, curled up in a four person ball. The Bed was completely wet with Cum and Sweat and Beer and Vodka.   I woke up after awhile and just laid there listening to them breath.  And I thought to myself  this is the way all Gay Guys should spend a Saturday Afternoon once in awhile.

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