Saturday, February 20, 2016

Butts & Balls for Saturday

          I'm sitting here this morning with my coffee and a major Morning wood as I write this post.  I am in a little delema.  Do I tuen on the porn and rub out a nice long one?  Or do I save it for this afternoon with Waiter guy and his 2 new friends?   Oh My! such decisions.   Oh well.... I think I am going to just jerk off now...... so excuse me while I get myself to Cum.
          Well...that was the right decision!  A morning jerk off always feels soooooo good!
So....Here I am an older Queer who has Sucked and Fucked since I was 13.  Why is it that I am so excited to meet with these guys this afternoon.   You would think that Sexing would be just old hat buy now.   That is the never gets old!  There is always something wonderfully new about tasting some new Dudes Butt Holes.  To taste a new set of Balls. To listen to the sounds of the Dudes you are Fucking.  And to flip over and let them slide those new Dicks in my Hole.
        Ah yes! It should be a wonderful afternoon.  I sure hope you have some good Fucking planned for today!


  1. I have not been "sexing" with guys as long as you have, but I agree with you about getting excited at tadting a new dick or ass.

  2. You prefer cu or uncut dicks?I guess cut ones,buu I do not know!


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