Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Butts today.

         Good morning my friends!  Nice to see you this morning.  Look at the photo at the top of today's post.  Those butts are just too beautiful for words.  Am I right?  If you are anything like me, you appreciate a beautiful ass.  One of my buddies.... Waiter Guy... has a Hole almost exactly like the one on display in that photo.   Even though I have licked and Fucked that hole hundereds of times over the years.....Da Dick O'Mine gets hard just thinking about it.  And ths weekend I get to do it to him again and again.   Not only will I get to slide into his glorious hole, but so will 2 others.
         He has invited me and 2 guys for what he called a flip fuck afternoon.  He tells me these two dudes are here in town on vacation.   He has been skyping with them for a month or so and now they want to spill their cum with him.  And lucky me... I get to join in.  
         I love the idea of meeting two new Butt Holes!  As a Queer in good standing, the more Hole to eat the better.  


  1. OOoooh, I like the guy with longer hair! :)

  2. The guy in the shower has the nicest ass...

  3. That first photo is sooooo fine! Love it and many other asses featured below. Yum!

  4. grea post and a very interessant planning!


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