Monday, February 15, 2016

This is how you spend a Sunday.

     Why is it that some days just drift by as if they never began?   Shit!  Yesterday was one of those lazy days.  I mean really lazy!  We did not get dressed or showered and mostly did not get too far from the couch all day.   
     The bedroom was a total mess....the pile of old dirty undies were in a pile in the corner ( I need to do laundry)  The bed sheets were sticky with dried cum and lube...... so we just moved ourselves to the couch and hung out there naked all day.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of large plates of fruit and cheese and buns and cheesecake and oh yes....left over fried chicken.  
     We ate, we drank, we watch old movies and most of all we spent lots of time swaping Cum.  We napped, we fucked each other, we napped some more.  We played with Dildos, we played with that very large zucchini.  I ate his Ass..he ate mine.  I came in his mouth he gave me my cum back in a long long kiss. 
    We sang Nessun Dorma together as he sat on Da Dick O'Mine and I came for the 4th time in one afternoon..........All in all..a Great Sunday!


  1. I guess we know you had a terrific Valentine Day!

  2. love your cum fixation, because I can share it!!!


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