Friday, February 12, 2016

Who are you?

         Good morning!   We do what we do and we are who we are.  Right?  Of course right.  Why hide any longer?  So... you like Dick....that is who you are. like to let that Dick Fuck you..that is who you are.   So... you admire a beautiful ass....that is who you are. realize you like the smell of men...that is who you are. find the taste of Cum wonderful.....that is who you are.
       Stop just sitting there and waiting for someone to happen.  It is time to let loose and be the full self you are.  Go out and grab a Dick...any Dick will do.  Yes! Any Dick will do.  Be who you are!!!


  1. We basically define ourselves in two ways: Gender and profession. Sexuality shouldn't be a stumbling block for anyone...if you like cock, balls, ass, pecs, legs, feet, piss play, or whatever - there's no need to define yourself in that way; just go out and enjoy yourself with any consenting adult who likes the same things. Right?

  2. I'm an employe of Municipality of Milan, but first I'm a gay who thinks a lot to sex!


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