Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Twos for Tursday

                   Good morning!   Oh yes it is a Happy Tuesday!  It was also a Happy Sunday and Monday here at Queer Heaven.  Da Dick O'Mine has had so much fun these past couple of days.  He got to explore a new hot Ass Hole,  He got to pound deep inside an old friend, he got to Cum so often he is rather tired today!  
                  Listen guys, do not ever think you are too old to attract a good Butt Hole.  There are so many out there just waiting to be fucked.  Do not sit at home and complain that you are not getting enough tsex. Gut off your ass and just go looking for it.  


  1. Opportunities are there. One just needs to take them when they present themselves. Love your photo, my friend - and, yes, I'd jump on that in a minute!

  2. Coffee in hand, enjoying this morning treat of exceptionally fine, luscious erotic images! The pair (2) is my favorite! Great post and wise words!


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