Sunday, April 17, 2016

Early Sunday Morning

        He leaned over and as I was pissing, he touched my Dick.  I did not say a word. I just kept pissing.    He let his fingers get wet from my piss. He cups my Balls, he squeezes them tight.  I am still pissing.
        He is 60+ years old it seems.  His hand feels good. I am still pissing. I look over and his cut dick is erect and his balls are beautifully low hanging. My pissing done, I shake the last drops on his hand and he licks his fingers.  The restroom is still empty ececpt for us two. 
        I leave my fly open and my Dick hanging out and walk to a stall.... he follows.  His lips are on my Dick and then I need to piss some more..... he drinks it all.  His Dick is rock hard and dripping pre cum... I take it an suck and suck and suck.  His Cum is thick and creamy and wonderful! 


  1. Wow! Great photos today! You always give me such positive reinforcement that sex at any age is possible.

  2. and me, I love his poetic touches!!!

  3. Great images...5 (beautiful form of a guy bending over), 7 (arm linked, butt-to-butt), and the penultimate dicks...topped off - or bottomed - by the image of the blogger! Well done!


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