Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday question for you....

         Good morning!  So nice to see you here this morning!  I hope your weekend was good. And you got a good dose of delicious Cum at some point.  Or maybe you let some new Dick enter your Butt hole. Or did you spend the weekend just jerking off?  The possibilities were endless..I hope you did your duty as a guy and did some good sexing.
         OK... I have a question for all of you bottom guys out there. You are naked with your guy, you have opened your hole and let him in.  You are totally into enjoying his pounding. You are rubbing on your Dick and all is good.... when suddenly you realize that you need to piss really bad!  What do you do? What is the proper thing to do?  Do you try to hold it until he is finished? Do you tell him to pull out and you run to the bathroom? you just let your bladder loose and pee right there while he is still in your Butt?  


  1. Well, since I wouldn't want to be getting out a mop and bucket... LOL.

  2. as you know, I'm only top, but I'd tell him to pull out to run to the bathroom


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!