Monday, April 11, 2016

What makes a good Fuck Buddy?

          Good morning guys!   Ok.... here is the question...... While you are tasting a new Dick or licking a new Ass.... do you think this might be more than a one time thing?   This is exactly what was going on in my head as I did some great sexing with this  new guy over the weekend.  So much so, that I did not send him home after the first Cum.  Nope.... he stayed the weekend.   A new Fuck Buddy?  I think so.  He fits my needs just right. And what are my criteria for a good regular Fuck Buddy?  
          Well, first and for most he should have a Cut Dick and a Full Bush.  Second he has to be a Flip Fucker. Third, and this might be the most important one....he has to laugh and smile like doing the sexing thing is just pure fun.  And of course I need to really enjoy the taste of his Cum.  Well.... this guy fits the bill perfectly!!  Since I am almost sure he will become a regular, I need to give him a name for these blog posts.  Since he is tall and thin and slightly furry...I think that Juan fits him well. 
        So...what do you look for when deciding if a New Dick will become a regular thing?


  1. When both of you are satisfied... That's when you know he's the one!

    - Fit Studs

  2. A good Fuck Buddy is one who just enjoys the same sexual activity and enjoys sex as much as you. And, one who is there when you call to say you're horny and need to get your rocks off; one who you are ready to respond to when he calls you with the same need.

  3. I think for me it is when there is nothing expected from the friendship than hot sex. That way you can really have fun in the moment and not dwell on the other elements of a relationship. It is about having fun and laughing as you said and just enjoying the physical pleasures that come from mutual fun.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree about the laughing and having fun - that is such a turn on for me, too. Wishing you a brilliant day! Cheers,AOM


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