Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Twos for T uesday! Just some thoughts.

             Good morning my friends!  Thanks to all who sent me emails about by Greg post...much appreciated!  One thing Greg was all about and that was having lots of fun.  So..as you look at today's photos please pull out your Dick and have some fun.  Take that Dick out to a club or a bar or just outside and show him off.   Go some place where you let him hang free. Where he can maybe be tasted by some guy. Or better yet, let him enter the dark damp Hole of a good friend. 
            Like I was talking about yesterday, having a good Fuck buddy is such fun.  You never have to get involved in anything except just Sexing.  Of course it often happens that a fuck Buddy can become a good friend also... specially when his Cum is super delicious.  The better the Cum tastes... the more often you want it.  Right?  


  1. If it's not fun, find someone who can make it so.

  2. glad you can taste the best cum possible!!!

    enjoy a sweet post:


  3. Such wonderful Twos! Love the hot ass grab in 5....and what a great hole to finger in 7!


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