Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Sleezy Sat Fuck

               Good morning guys!   A short Sunday post.... well sort of short.  I did not go the pool part yesterday.... it was raining of and on most of the day.  So I lounged around in my undies and watched lots of porn.  By the early evening I knew I needed more that just some porn.  I called Randy....he already had plans.  I called Waiter Guy....he was in the throngs of fucking some guy (yes..he picked up his cell while he was Fucking)   so......... I figured since I had not showered or shaved all day and was feeling rather ripe........I decided to head over to a really sleazy adult video shop not to far from my apartment.  
             I saw this Young Dude hanging out front. He was a total mess. High on something. But cute as a button, not to mention it looked like he had quite a good size Cock in his shorts. He asked if I was horny.    I told him to follow me.  We got in one of those stalls and I handed him $20.  And before I coud say "jack rabbit" his Dick was in my mouth and I was enjoying him.  Like really enjoying him.  He turnd around and gave me his Ass...I slipped on a condom and did my duty!  When I was done..he jerked off in my waiting mouth.   I gave him another $20 and headed home.
         Sometimes it is worth paying for it. How often have you paid for sex?


  1. I payed for sex, before know the existence of my sex club!

  2. Never paid for it... Now, I wonder if I've been missing something.


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