Monday, May 30, 2016

In the alley at dawn.... Part one

             I still had the taste of his Cum on my lips as I walked down the street. towards my apartment.  I could still smell the scent of his underarms.  I licked my finger and there he was.   Damn!  My Pubes were wet under my shorts.  My armpits were dripping.  My head was spinning.  I looked over and could see the sun was just peaking through the palm trees.  I turned around and he was following me.  He had his hand inside his shorts rubbing on that Dick that I just ate a while ago.
           His bushy red hair was slicked back and his full chest hair was matted down.  I don't think he had washed in a couple of days.  I could smell him as he got closer.  I stopped for a moment to light a cigarette and he got closer.  He was just overwhelming me.... I needed to Fuck this guy again.  I nneded to ram Da Dick O' Mine up that glorious Butt of his.
          He walked closer and closer....I am just still now.  He grabs my hand and pulls me into the alley.  He has my shorts down...he has his shorts down.  He bends over.... I slip on a condom and just slide right in. 
           I can hear voices from around the corner. I don't pull out I just slow down.  Just then 2 very very drunk guys see us.  "Holy shit! I am thinking.  They stop for a moment.  One of them yells" Go for it"  The other one laughs and keeps walking.  
          I finish my Fucking and cum in this redhead's mouth....  He reaches up and gives me my Cum back into my waiting lips.  Damn!  Living here is such fun!  


  1. Now, I have had totally anonymous sex with both men and women... It's always been hot and fun!


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