Monday, May 30, 2016

At dawn...Part two

.....................So, I had Fucked this redhead and slurped up his Cum.  I'm continuing my walk home.  I realize how bad I smell.  I mean, it is really bad when you can smell yourself!   Well... it is early Sunday morning and the las shower I had was on Friday morning.  Add to that it has been super hot so I am sweating. And I was out most of Saturday Drinking Vodka, I had two guys cum on my chest and this one from the alley left a good strong scent all over me.
          And then from out of nowhere it starts to rain. Like buckets of rain. It felt so good!  I slipped into the next upcoming alley and just dropped my shorts and tee shirt and let the rain wash over me.
The rain sort of slowed down and I slipped my wet shorts on and continued my walk...   But with all that rain...I needed to piss real bad. So into the next alley i go..I pull it out and start t piss...a nice long releaving piss...and who turns the corner, but hose two Drunk dudes.  Yikes!  what to do? I got calm and just finished Peeing.  
         "Hey, we saw you fucking before" The younger one grabbed my head and said "Suck on mine"
I did not want any I leaned in and pulled out his Dick and well..... I sucked it. The other one is jerking off watching. the young one got real hard quick and wanted my old ass.  Being the good Slut that I am I unrolled a condom and slid it on him and let him have me.  He fucked really hard. My Balls were bouncing all over the place. I was hard real quick and I jusst could not hole my load.  But the was way to drunk to Cum and pulled out. Finally, thye put away their dicks and walked away.  
                   I got home and fell on my bed and slept most of the day feeling quite happy!


  1. did you fuck a ginger? I'm so curious to make sex with a ginger!

  2. Wow! Great photos and your alley adventure was super hot!


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