Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

            Good mornig guys!  Well.... I need to start off this morning by saying thanks for all the emails lately. They are always greatly appreciate.  Mostly, that is.   This one email I got in response to my posts about the sex in the alley was a real eye opener.   He said that what I write my sexing fun is giving homosexuals a bad name.   What the Fuck!  I really don't care what he thinks.  I do not care what anyone thinks really.    First and for most we are Men and almost all men are wired to want to have sex as often as possible.  And being a Gay man that is no different.
           I feel that I am super lucky to have been born Gay in this lifetime.  I would not change a thing. One of the great joys of being a Queer is that if you choose to have sex 10 times a day, it is possible. No matter where you are or what your age...there is always a guy or two who need to get off.  That icludes those straight guys who just like to get a blow job also.  Listen...you all know I have been around for a long time... and I can tell you for a fact... the more sex you have the better you feel...both physically and spiritually. 


  1. Well, one of the things society used against the gay community was that they are "overly promiscuous." Really??? I call bullshit!
    Gay men are no different than any straight men...they're just looking for the chance to get laid. Straights will accept the random blow job in cars, alleys, restrooms...anywhere they can find it. So, why is it awful that gay men do, too?
    The difference is that gay men are more open to it - they have no wife or girlfriend to bitch about the multiple partners. Gay men are more in tune with their cocks; they pay attention to the aching balls, and do something about it. They are also more open to group activity because of it.
    As long as guys are being safe and no one is getting hurt, and it's consensual, it shouldn't matter who they fuck, suck, or jack off.

  2. both of them are so right! my last post:



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