Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Friday!

              Good morning my friends!  I has been a crazy week here at Queer Heaven!    As you know that Dude with the Dick left town on Tuesday afternoon.  I will totally admit that he left my Butt Hole quite happy!  I love to play top....I love the feeling of being deep inside a guy and listen to him wince as I pound away.  But I gotta say that often playing bottom is so much more fun. Specially when the guy doing the topping knows exactly what to do.  I am so glad that I did get to share his Dick with Waiter Guy.   And he will be back for William's Party to Do his duty for the other guests.
             Oh yeah, why was it crazy here?   Well, this old guy here got to drop some Cum where he never expected!  I mean drop a heavy load in the mouth of one of my A List clients. think I am gonna tell you? Forget it!    Let me just leave it to your imagination.  The thing that was so crazy about it was.... his wife was in the other room while he was sucking on my dick.  
           And then..later that same day while biking home I ran into a dude whose wedding flowers I had done last year.  We stopped to talk and before I knew it Da Dick O'Mine was in his mouth and my cum was rinning down his chin.  Damn! I am such a Slut!!  I just can't help it!


  1. I see nothing wrong in accepting an offered blow job. Have a terrific weekend!

  2. Oh to have those wonderful impromptu adventures! Can I be jealous? LOL!


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