Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday thoughts

Is there anything more fun than hearing the guy say "Oh shit, I'm cumming!"?
Is there a moment more special than when you taste a new Dick for the first time?
Is there a time better than when you know a Dick will fit your Hole perfectly?
Is there anything more special than having a sweaty Ass in your face?
Is there ever a reason not to Jerk off?
Is there a reason not to Fuck your best friend?
Is there anything more super than to fill your mouth with a big load of Cum?
Is there anything more wonderful than being in the middle of a threesome?
Is there a time more better when a stranger gives you a good Blow Job?
Is there anything more fulfilling than letting your buddy pound your Ass till you scream?
Is there anything more satisfying than to know you gave such pleasure to a sex friend?
Oh my! Oh my! Is there anything better than being a sexully active Gay man?


  1. I think your last question says it all! LOL!

  2. First image as so beautiful....and love the ass grab in 8! Have a great weekend!

  3. is there anything more marvellous and joyful than sex among men?


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