Monday, May 9, 2016

Mish-Mosh Monday

             Good morning guys!  I hope you had a wonderful Cum filled weekend!  I got my good dose of Cum from a brand new Dick.  This guy Randy met and has fucked a few times.  For the past couple of weeks Randy has been telling me how cool this guy is and how great he is in bed.  So..of course I wanted to meet him.  As you know from past posts, my fuck buddies and I love to share a new find!
             I met the two of them late yesteday afternoon for Brunch. Lets just say I was totally smitten with this new guy of Randy's.  Not only was he super funny..he was Fuckin' Hot!   And to make things even better he is a redhead! He knew that Randy had told me about him and it was completely clear from the beginning..he was up for it.
           Lateer, after Brunch, Randy went off to work and this guy followed me home. And Wham! His Dick was in my mouth and his Cum was filling my mouth.  Woah! So, so tasty Cum!  While I was sucing on his Dick I realizes how beautiful his Ass Hole was. Covered with a full mound of red hair.  I just had no choice but to do my duty and Fuck him.  His hole was wet and tight and once I was in..he knewe how to squeeze his hole to make the fucking even better.
        Such fun! Such Fun! Such fun!


  1. Yes sir, I got my dose of Cum over the weekend.

  2. I missed my does this weekend - but today is a new day. Right?

  3. Awesome stuff. The most important thing is that your feeling good. Love the vibes you send out.

  4. A blessing to feel good, good, GOOD! : ) Wishing you a beautiful day! Cheers, AOM

  5. Sounds like the meal after brunch was better than brunch! Sounds wonderful!


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