Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday....Do your duty!

                   Good morning my friends!   Lazy morning here at Queer Heaven.  I took Da Dick O'Mine out on the front terrace much earlier and gave him a good wank.  He really enjoys spilling a load out in the open.  the rest of today I am just chilling here getting myself all siked up for William's Rentboi Party tonight. 
                  But while I am here typing this post.... I though it was time once again to remind all of you that it is no good to wish you were having more sex in your life.  Wishing for something does not ever get the job done.  Ok..... maybe you are not looking to do the amount of sexing I do.... I get it.
But to complain that you are getting none is totally absurd.   No matter your age or your shape or your size...there is always another guy looking for exactly what you are looking for.
                Do not waste this wonderful gift you have been given...the gift of being a Gay Man.  Take my advice and get out there.    go do some good Sucking or Fucking today. Lick an Ass, Swallow some Cum, be a good upstanding Gay Guy and do your duty!!


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