Sunday, May 22, 2016


             Saturday 10:30 PM  we are greated at the door by this beautiful dark haired guy, slichtly stocky with a chest covered in fur. His nipples were round a nd full and quite erect.  He had a super tiny pink thong on.  He massive bush was so full it hardly was tamed inside that thong. You could tell right away that hs Dick was fat and cut.   He handed us each a large peppermint whiskey and told us to leave all cell phones in the basket by the outer door.  And we entered William's Rentboi Party.
             William's new loft is amazing! One large open room with floor to celing windows on two sides overlooking the ocean. He had the lights low and there were tables of food everywhere.  There were 5 Rentbois milling around the room. all wearing the same Pink thong and all were beautiful in their own way.  One of them already had his thong off and brought his Dick over to greet us and offer a taste.
                                                                 And so it began!
            Midnight.... Da Dude with Da Dick is putting on a solo show.  He is on a table, his thong is bulging and he has a very,very large dildo up his ass. Off come the thong and he grabs one of the Rentbois up on the table and sldes on a condom and  begins to Fuck him.  He does his thing and another guy gets into the act and sucks on the Rentboi's dick.
          2AM..... I've had 3 or 4 Dicks in my mouth and swallowed some really tasty cum. I've had a fat, fat Dick up my Butt Hole. And a furry ass in my face.  This old Queer even came two times in a row.  Two of the renbois took turns Fucking me. And One of them Came on my face.

         4AM.... Everyone at this party is naked by now.  The room smells of Cum and Whiskey and Sweat!  Outside on the balcony there is a hugh spread of breakfast food.  Two of the Rentbois are jerking off on little toast squares for us to enjoy.  In the large SPA like bathroom a few guys are enjoying some watersports.  

        5:30AM....I'm walking home, Randy is with me both of us rather drunk and very happy!

      11AM.... As I type this post I can still smell the Cum on me and I am ready to go back tobed and snuggle up with Randy!    


  1. glad you enjoyed so much. Yesterday me too I enjoyed a lot at my gay sex club!

  2. What an absolutely delightful time!

  3. I want to know how to get on the invitation list to this party! It sounds fun!

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