Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

                 Hi guys!  Soory I missed posting yesterday.  I will admit it here and now.  this old Queer was totally out of commission.  That party really did me in!   After I did my post about the party on Sunday..I schlepped over to my med and curled up with Randy and we both slpet until early evening!! Yes..all day!  And yesterday?  I called in sick to work and just hung around the apartment all day.    I will also admit that my Butt Hole was still soar.  Even though I had a total blast, maybe getting Fucked by 4 young very hung dudes was a bit much!
               To those of you who commented or emaild about the party.... all I can say is...you MUST find a way to go to a party like this.  Or host your own.  You really do not have togo all out like William did....all you really need is to get together a group of dudes andd some whiskey or vodka and see what happens.


  1. Beautiful 2's! Love the butt spread (penultimate) and inviting open hole (ult)! Great post!

  2. I need a party planner like you to help with all of the deTAILS!

  3. as you know, every sunGAY afternoon, I go to my sex club, and there's a "so called": naked party!


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