Monday, May 2, 2016

Sunday evening

He actually was so tired he fell a sleep right there on the floor.
Of course he had way too much to drink. And he just finished Fucking 4 Butt Holes right after the other.
There were  puddles of Cum on his chest. There were used condoms in a pile.  
The lube and Dildo and empty bottles lay next to him.
A pair of dirty underwear was rumpled and laying by his face.
He had the scent of Sweat & Vodka laced with tobacco.
His Dick was still hard....his Balls were still tight...his Hole was moist and red.
As he slept, there was a slight grin on his face. 
He had gotten paid very well for doing these guys.
The cash was on the dresser in a wet wad.
Those guys had left by the time I got home.
I had to lean over and taste his Dick.
He is awake, I hold his Dick and slide on a condom on it.
As I sit on that Dick of his I am thinking how glad I am he came for a visit.


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!