Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday staying naked and hard

                                          That Dude with Da Dick is here again!  
      That beautiful long thin Cut Dick. That Dick that never seems to get soft. I love watching his Balls bounce back and forth as he walks across the room to get another cup of morning coffee. Or watch him as he is on his cell making his daily plans.  What plans? I have no idea..he still speaks only a few words of English.  I gather he sells his many talents to his private clients.
     He has been here for three days this time.  I am not sure what he does when I am at work during the day.  all I know is when I get home, there he is lounging on the couch with that dick dripping pre cum.  Yes! It seems to always be dripping.  And my Butt Hole can verify that even with a condom on feels so amazing.  
     He does not shower, he does not shave, he does not even eat much.  He mostly keeps to himself. That is until he lets me know that that Dick of his need to cum.  And it seems to need to cum often.  I even invited Randy over to take advantage of this Dick of his.
    This Dude is leaving town tomorrow.... headed for Boston. He will be returning in another week, just in time for William's Party.   William has hired him to be the centerpiece of  the Rentboi Party.
     How lucky am I.... I get to sample that Dick whenever I want to in exchange for a place for it to spend a few days.  And best of all.....I get to drink his Cum more than once a day!


  1. How about a pic of his fantastic dick, give us something to dream about.

  2. his Cum more than once a day!?
    May I say I envy you?


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