Saturday, June 11, 2016

My first night living at the beach...20 years ago today

         Da Dick was soft and dripping as I stood there
Da Balls were hanging low.
I waited my turn from behind the bush.
The sand under my feet was damp
The piss had left it's mark.

Da Dick was no longer soft,it stood proud and ready
Da Dick was enclosed in a condom..ready
Da Dude stood there waiting.
His feet were wet.

My shorts were down around my knees
The guy next to me has done the same
The other guy, the skinny one, is on his knees ass in the air.
The three of us waited our turn.

A small group of guys had formed and watched us three get fucked.
In the bushes in the dark of night in the sand dunes.
They all were jerking, they all were cumming, they all were laughing.

My butt was full. my dick was hard someone was sucking on it.
I came in his mouth just as Da Dude pulled out. 
Da Dude fucked the others while I sucked on a small Dick.

The sun was coming up. 
Time to pull up my shorts
My face and chest still dripping with cum.


  1. Sex at the beach is always awesome to me! And Da Dick of Da Day is equally awesome!


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