Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Sunday extra post

He rolled over and looked at me, his eyes still full of sleep.
His hair was all in a tumble
His chest was damp from nightly sweat.
His nipples stood taught
I leaned over and licked his armpits
they tasted like last night's vodka.
I nestled my nose into his pubic area
and wallowed in it's lushness.
I could still smell sex on him
I could see tiny drops of pre cum oozing from his slit
He lifted his legs and stuck a finger in his butt hole.
No words, that had become his sign.
We fucked each and every day since he joined us to calm him down
He was a real mess when he arrived.
His father had thrown him out when he found out his son like dicks.
And now I was deep inside him letting him know all was ok.



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