Monday, September 26, 2016

About my Birthday weekend

         Hello and good morning to you all!   This past few days have been just wonderful here in the woods.  I am beginning to think I might never leave the terrific place!  Ok... the weekend recap:
Four Dicks...Four Dicks....Four Dicks....Four Dicks!
One was Uncut and short and quite fat
One was long and thin and swung from side to side when he walked
One was mostly soft and quite lovely
One was mostly always hard and dripping.
Four Dicks for fun
Four Dicks for pleasure
Four Dicks, each waiting
Four Dicks covered by condoms
My ass was ready
My ass was wet
My ass ass was
I laid on the outdoor bench under the blazing sun
I watched as they each got ready
This old Queer was ready
Those Dicks were ready.
Four Dicks one at a time
Four Dick each one hard
Four Dicks in and out
They cam on my chest, they came on my face
I sucked each of them dry.
Four Dicks...Four Dicks..Four Dicks....Four Dicks
A birthday gift from friends.
"You do have one of my favorite Dicks!"   That made Da Dick O'Mine stand to attention once again.


  1. Boners, yes? Boners, absolutely!

    Happy birthday, Michael! Very glad you made it such a good one!!

  2. Yes, happy b'day, QH! Loved the post! Great collection of hard cocks, poetic rendition of the weekend's events...and color treatment of first and last image is so nicely executed!


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