Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Good morning my friends!
           Ok, first thanks for the emails!! I am totally amazed that so many of you care about what I am doing.  As far as the young dude goes, yes I am trying my best to help him through his problems.
I know all to well what it is like to be shut out  by family. The way I handled it was to catch a bus and head to NYC at the age of 17.  My faithful readers know the rest of my story..but for you new readers just a quick recap.
       I  lived on the street for awhile and sold my sex to anyone. A cool older guy took me in and managed my tricks for me and got top dollar for me.  I got into drugs, I Fucked and was Fuckd by some famous men.   I entered the Army to get myself clean then ended up in a Buddhist Monestary for 5 months.  And changed my life.  Of course I still enjoy being a major slut, even at m age.
     Being a sexually active gay man is one of the great joys of this lifetime. So,of course my advice to this kid and to all of you....embrace your sexuality no matter what anyone says or how you are treated.  Get out  there and Shove your Dick in a few Butt Holes or lay back and open your Hole for just the fun of it.  And make sure that for measure you swallow tons of Cum as you go along.

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