Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another morning

He sat there in the corner alone.
He was still nude
He had not moved for an hour.
He was still nude
His Dick was soft and wet
His Pubic Bush was drenched in Cum.
He was still nude
His underarms were dripping
His scent was strong
His smile gave little away
He was still nude.
He whispered
He had a tear dropping on his cheek
He was not a kid any more
He knew he had to be strong
He was still nude.
His Dick was being rubbed
He squeezed his Balls
His finger reached for his hole
His legs were in the air
He took the toy and shoved it in
He slightly whispered
He groaned a little
He came again and again.
He was still nude.
I watched him from the other room.
I came as I watched.



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