Friday, September 9, 2016


Who knew?  Not me for sure. Then and just then it was time!
So.....on that rock I sat alone.
I had not washed or shaved or even eaten much.
My balls were unshaved, my armpits were wet with a week's worth of odor.
I had cummed often and my creamy white juice was now dried and stuck in a tangle to my pubes.
I was getting quite spacey.
My chin was covered with hair, my toes were almost black with soot.
and yet I waited another few days.
The young guy brought me food and drink and his dick.
His dick for tasting, his dick for rubbing, his dick for loving.
Nothing left except to enjoy his cum after he stood over me and just pissed on my chest.
His dick slid in my hole every few days.
It was like a dream, it was just what I needed.

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