Thursday, September 8, 2016

that naked Dude in the woods

                                                         Last Tuesday Evening
Laying on my back with my Dick hard and ready...that guy in the woods  slid a condom on me. He turned to face me and slowly began to sit on Da DickO'Mine.   He had never done this before. He had never even tried. He told me he had slipped a cucumber in his hole once.  His brother had fingered him while sucking on his Dick.... but he had never tried a Dick.
My friends.... you all know how proud I am of my Dick!  It is not large, it is not fat, it is just the right size to push into almost any hole. And as much as I enjoy the pleasures of being a bottom...topping is always fun.  And to poke into a totally unused hole....well....what can I say? Dick was standing at attention waiting for him. He was all lubed up and ready... He faced me and slowly began sitting on my Dick. I did nothing..I just let him take his time..and it took awhile before I was all the way in.  He sat there silent for a moment or two.. then he began to bounce.
Holy Shit!  He really got into it... Slamming his ass. His uncut Dick was getting hard and it's head was in full sight.  It was dripping wet......Before I even had a chance to tell him to slow down...he shoots his load, which just keeps on squirting and squirting and squirting!
I pull out and push him over....remove the condom and deposit my cum in his mouth.



  1. Wow... Now, that's the result of full, complete arousal and pleasure!

  2. Great post...says the guy opening up your post and and enjoying the cup of coff and hot feast of mages, and words! 1st image gets the Luke seal of approval...perfect, hot and inviting. Penultimate is an awesome hole. ...and as to words, you're at your best....and what a lucky guy to experience his first with you!

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