Wednesday, September 7, 2016


            I've taken the time to let things go...I've taken the time to.....just live my  life.
Good morning my friends! you know what I have been doing lately.
Two weeks of sitting mostly alone naked with just my Dick for company!
I had so many problems in Miami Beach with my job and my apartment and my bank account that I needed to get away!  My friend Josh has a place deep in the woods miles and miles away from everything... it was perfect!  I really never have spent that much time alone. After doing this, I can say for sure that each of you should try it. 
There was something just amazing about not doing anything all day long. I realized how important alone time can be. And how powerful your own mind is. I understand that sitting naked on a rock is not for everyone.  Or doing nothing but jerking off all day is not for everyone. And having a good wet Dick up your ass is not for everyone.  But life is life and Cumming is such relief.

So.. I suppose I am saying. just be proud of yourself and your Dick and your life.
I will continue to post more in a day or so.  I might not post every single day.
Not to sure yet!



  1. We will be here waiting to enjoy your posts when you do. Glad you have had some naked time to help you renew!

  2. Good to have you back! Spending "alone" time is important for all of us from time to time. Having a place to do that completely naked is a huge plus! It allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our cocks!

  3. post as much as you can.
    your blog is an example for me, as I wrote here:

  4. Really appreciate the solitude you experienced on the rock (and of course the rest). I did not have the time to spare, but had a day in the desert last month, including a meditative moment under a shady bush, with a gentle cooling glad you were Le to partake.

  5. So good to hear from you again


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