Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Sunday to all!!!

My dear readers.......Who are you? And are you being who you are?
Are you happy and content? Or are you fighting yourself?
So.... when you were a kid you realized you like dicks.
You realized that the sight of another guy's ass made you happy.
As a teen you found out that sucking on a dick was super special.
You found out that having your balls in another guy's mouth was fun.
And then..and opened your hole and let a dick in.
And the world stopped, and the world stopped!

My dear readers......Who are you? And are you being who you are?
Are you sucking and fucking as much as you can?
Or are you sitting in the corner sad and lonely? 
You are who you are!
Get out there and be true to yourself.
Whatever it takes...Whoever it takes.
Fill your mouth and soul with another's cum.
Relish your good fortune that you were born gay this lifetime.
Who are you?  You are you! 


  1. Didn't realize until my late 20s how much I liked dicks... Oh, sure, my brother and our buddies used to jack each other off when we were horny teens... But, when I had an impromptu 69 with a dude - I found I loved the taste and feel of a hard cock, the taste of cum!

  2. Tried to deny my gayness for many years, now I brace it and enjoy getting fucked, cock sucking,cum swallowing, ass eating. Experimenting with different kink. Loving life as a gay man


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