Friday, September 16, 2016

The past couple of days.....Cumming good!

Hello my friends!  I took a day off from being naked and walked into town to do some things and to send you all a post to let you know how wonderful things are for me right now!
    My host had invited another friend of his to drop by for a few days.  And what a great surprise it was.  I figured it would be a friend that was around our age..but Fucking shit! He is only 20!!! 
I always enjoy the company of younger guys...but 20?  I will admit that he has been a shear delight. And watching him that first day laying in the sun nude was super duper great.   I just watched him and watched him.  His Smooth flat stomach... his slightly blond chest hair and his massive dark full pubic bush hiding full round balls....well.... Yes you figured it all out...
The only thing was...I really needed him to slow down... I am sure you all know how eager young guys can be.  I did get him to take his time and really Fuck me slowly.  My Butt felt so good! Afterwards we went for a long walk in the woods and he told me that he had been kicked out of his home by his father and was here really to just chill for a couple of days. 
  I am glad he wanted to chill here and needed some tender loving care..... last night I had my tongue all over his young body...and tonight..who knows!


  1. what a marvellous gift you made each other with your sex and chatting!

  2. Good report and great photos...
    Hope things work out for the young guy...I suspect getting TLC from you would make anything better.

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