Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Twos for Tuesday!

Major rain storms lately!  Damp feet and Dripping Balls.
The young dude... the young dude.
He sits alone in the corner a lot.
He does not even talk too much.
At night I can hear him sobbing.
The young dude...the young dude.
He sits alone rubbing his Dick
He opens his hole and says nothing.
In the morning he puts on a brave face.
The young dude...the young dude.
I hold him close and rub his back
I hold him close and taste him
I let him know all will be better soon.


  1. So glad to be able to open to a new post from you! Great set of images...first is striking and elegant...dick-to-dick in the last is so fine!
    Beautifully written words. Heartbreaking what the young dude must be going through...but know you are a source of comfort for him as well as a capable teacher who can help him grow.

  2. Calm him, soothe him, teach him that, in time, all will be fine. He has you to help him find his way.


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