Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday thoughts about Da Dick O'Mine

          Ok.... I am sure I am not alone in saying how much I love Da Dick O'Mine! 
     He has been such a good friend.  He has given me such pleasure.  He has led me into a few odd situations.  He has often reminded me how wonderful he is by staying stiff and hard.   He has slipped inside many many mouths. He has pushed deep into so many Ass Holes. 
     He has mostly never let me down.  Once in awhile he get me in that time he insisted that I Fuck my sister's boyfriend.  Or that time long ago,that he wanted to piss on my bosses desk.
     He has gotten to enjoy wearing a condom.  He loves it when there is more than one Butt to pound.
He loves it when he get to play in a filthy dirty public restroom.  He loves to piss out doors. He loves to wander hanging loose out in the open air.  
     I love the way he looks.....I love the way he feels.....yep! I love Da Dick O'Mine!!  


  1. Very true words. If a man doesn't love his dick, well...I feel sorry for him. It is our most treasured possession.

  2. love your poem for your best friend!
    happy Autumn with my last post:

  3. A wonderful homage to our best friend. I feel the same for my own Da Dick O'Mine. Thanks for all you bring us each day. Wishing you a glorious Da Dick O'Mine Day! Cheers, AOM


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