Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I am back!

            Good Afternoon all my dear sweet wonderful readers!  Thank you all for the many emails! Yes...I am alive and doing pretty good.  I will explain why I have not been blogging for almost a full month....


                             I sat naked for a whole week on a large flat rock overlooking the lake.
I had food and drink and myself.
I watched the sun rise, I watched the sun set.
I sat through bright hot sun and pouring rain.
And yet I sat alone and just listened to my soul.
I sat naked
I watched the birds, I watched the trees.
I let my Dick stay as hard as he wanted to.
I jerked off 3 or 4 times a day.
I chanted as I let my sperm ooze out.
I sat naked.
The rain washed me, the rain cleansed me.
A young naked friend would join me at night
Slowly sliding his Dick inside me.
He would do his duty and leave.
I sat naked.
I sat there listening to my breath
I sat there thinking of my life
I sat there remembering
I sat there sad and jubilant
I was naked
I slept naked, I ate naked
I laughed as I pissed on the ants
I laughed as I emptied my bowels
I whipped my butt with leaves
I was real
I was me
I was happy
For another week I sat there.
12 days in all.
I felt free, I felt open, I felt alive.
A new chapter begins.


  1. glad you enjoyed your time and glad you CUMmed back!
    take a look also here

  2. My Dear if your old than I must be Ancient. Glad to have you back!

  3. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds perfect to me. Glad you had a relaxing time. Now about those low hangers on the first picture.......yum

  4. Welcum back, QH! Missed those daily posts with my morning coffee! Excellent black and white images - as always - with the first being my favorite (such a fine ass, so well presented...and Cali-Boi is right on about the hangers)! Did a quick read through of your words...sounds amazing...will come back to read and savor again!

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