Monday, October 3, 2016

A good Fuck will make you happy!

This is another scheduled post!
        That Ass was beautiful
Round and full
That hole was pink and covered with dark fur.
I had tasted it's pleasure
I had fingered it
I had licked it
I had kissed it
He let me Fuck him
He wanted it bad
I wanted him bad.
This guy..this lonely guy...this sad guy.
Now he is happy
Now he is feeling good
I was deep inside that Ass.
No more depression
At least for this moment.



  1. A person's Depression can - sometimes - be lifted simply because another human being has seen them, paid honest-to-God attention to them and recognized their need for connection.

  2. Thanks, buddy! Take care and stay bare!

  3. if you can suffer a bit of depression, dear QH, you have your resolution: sex!


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