Monday, October 3, 2016

Rembering Frank

                Everything about him was perfect.  Yes everything!  He did not eve have a blemish or scar or even dirty fingernails.  His Ass was round and full, his hole was hidden by a thick bush of light brown hair. Under his arms was hair so thick you could get your nose lost there for hours. 
               He had a happy Cut Dick with a large mushroom head that seemed to smile at you even while being red and ready to Fuck the life out of you.  He could cum so soon a second and third time.
His Cum was thick and milky white.  I never understood how,but it tasted of hazelnuts.  And his taste lasted long after he had put hid Dick away.
              He always wore White underwear briefs.  They always seemed brand new. They were Sunshine white and crisp. As white as his Teeth. And those teeth could bite you and leave heavenly marks on your nipples.  
              If he was in the mood, he would bring 2 or 3 guys over and make them weep as he Fucked them one at a time.  But they always left grinning from ear to ear.  You see....he was an expert at sexing. The best, just the best!  
             He and I trolled the beach and public restrooms for close to 2 years together. We shared Dicks, we Fucked the same Butt holes, We swapped cum and life was just amazing.. Yes....I was in love with this beautiful sexy tramp.
           Until...... there was something wrong with my bank account. Very wrong..... no way to prove anything..but the money was gone. All of it. And so was he. Not a trace of him or even a trail to follow. 
           I know it seems odd that I remember Him and his Dick so fondly... but I have never had a better one in my mouth or up my ass.   


  1. what marvellous guy he must be!
    enjoy my last post:

  2. Had a very good friend (he's passed away) whose lover did that to him...took all his money by forging checks and then took off. I couldn't believe this kid would do that to someone who'd treated him so well for close to 5 years. Once my friend got over the anger, every so often he'd say he missed the guy. Never understood, but now, maybe I do...


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