Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Twos for Tuesday!

            Good morning!  Well, don't you think it is time to go ahead and do that guy you have been lusting after?  Yes.... I am talking to you my dear readers.   I know that more than likely there is some wonderful Ass that you have been thinking of. Some Ass that you would like to rub, and finger and taste.  Admit it....! Oh, you say you can't. Or maybe you think you shouldn't.  
            You say he is just a friend.... well.... a good true friend might enjoy pulling his pants down and bending over for you. But he is str8 you say.... Str8 guys like their Butt Holes licked also ( they do not always admit it, but they do)  And if he is Str8...just make sure you give him a couple of beers and you will be surprised how quickly that Hole of his is open for you. 
            What? You think I am crazy!  I know from my experience how true this is.  For one thing, very few women enjoy giving blowjobs to their man, let alone licking his Ass.  So, you need to step in and help him out. And another thing... if you are licking on a hairy Str8 Butt hole that has never been licked on before, don't be surprised if his Dick pops to attention and cums all over your face with out warning! 


  1. I must admit, this is something I've never done. Been on the receiving end a couple of times...but, oddly enough, instead of getting a raging hard-on, my boner wilted! What's up (or down?) with that?

  2. You bring up an interesting point, QH. We should offer such kindness to our good friends.

  3. Agree with the premise as labeled in that first, hot shot! Great set of tasty twos!


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