Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday.....weekend update!

                                        Good Morning,good morning,good morning!
 Shit!  I can't believe I have not posted for a few days!  You all will forgive me I am sure.  Also I must let you all know that I do read your blogs when I have a chance.   For some odd reason this computer at this little cafe just will not let me leave comments  I have no idea why not!
 So just a little update from your naked queer.  That young dude was super depressed over the weekend.  I mean really bad. He was in the corner alone most of the time.  Me and our host figured it was best to just leave him be..
Saturday evening my host had invited an older male couple to join us for the evening. He had met them a long time ago at a nudist camp.  Well....these guys were so much fun.  One is 35 the other one must be around 50 or so. The younger one had this extremely long Dick that swayed from side to side whenever he walked around. His pubic bush was full and thick and coarse like a brillo pad. His partner has a nice round belly and a Dick that sort of stayed hard all the time.
   Besides the four of us taking turns sucking, the younger one was nice enough to open his hole for us. It was also very cool for m that he was also into watersports....He drenched me with his hot urine more than once...... Ha..... my god I love living here!!
 By this afternoon the young dude got into the sexing and seemed to really enjoy the games we were playing. 
  I need to go  now...let me post this so you will have it Monday morning. 



  1. you make a lot of sex! good for you!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Can I be a little jealous? LOL! Sounds like things are going well for you!

  3. How did I miss this yesterday?

    Anyway, it sounds like you are really living it up out there. It sounds like heaven...naked all the time, and enjoying all those random cocks. It's a great life!

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