Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Restroom Stop!

              So you ready to do it?  He looked at me, I was definately looking at him. He is short and a little bit on the trashy side. I could see the bump in his bright blue shorts getting larger. I reached in and felt his extremely bushy pubic hairs.  I shouldn't be doing this I am thinking.  It is 2AM in the men's room.  I am on my knees and this guy's Dick is in my face. His pre cum is on my tongue. My mind races back 20 years ago when I did this sort of thing all the time.   There is another young guy walking in.... this one sort of fat.  I do not stop sucking.... his balls are bouncing on my chin.  No one is talking. The fat guy pulls out his soft Dick and begins to rub it.   I can hear the loud music pounding in the club. I can feel a hand on my head pushing me deeper in this guys mouth. The Fat guy leans over and pulls his shirt up and lets my hand slide in his shorts.  The guy in my mouth is about to cum ( I've done this enough to know).  I gag a little as he unloads and I swallow every last drop.  The fat guy has just cum in my hand at almost the same time as I feel Da Dick O'Mine do his duty and splat a good load on the floor. As I lick up fat guy's cum, the other guy still dripping the last drips of cum smiles and asks if I he can buy me a vodka. I turn around and the fat guy has left the stall.  


  1. The fat guy leaves without even so much as a "thanks"? That's kind of rude, don't you think? Even the guys at the gym will at least mutter "thanks" before they walk away.


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