Sunday, October 30, 2016

Scheduled post for your Sunday..

 Good morning or afternoon my friends.... I hope that my regular readers understand that I love all of you.   Even though I  do not post as often as I did when I was living in Miami Beach.  But, being here out in the woods away from everything and having now internet or cell phone, has really changed my little life...  You all know that I have always been a major sexing guy....well...spending most of my days naked and hard...has not made that any less.
 My host seems to always be inviting these guys here for the weekend.  And for whatever reason, I have become the "sex guy" for them.   Yes, I know..I am older and it might seem more likely that he would have chosen a younger guy to handle the sex that is needed by these wayward guys. 
 But...he and I have been fucking eachother for years and years and he knows that I know what I am doing....!!    I never in a million years thought that I would end up being a sexual teacher...!!


  1. Great post! Although undies conceal, they still reveal a tantalizing amount of information....just enough to make for a set of very sexy images!
    No surprise to me that you're a great teacher ...where do I sign up for a class?

  2. don't worry if you can't publish so many post as you wish! Before life then blog. And when life is so much involved with sex ...

  3. Teaching younger guys how to be proper cocksmen is important. The better they can handle themselves the more they'll enjoy themselves, the more others will enjoy having sex with them.

  4. Well it definitely sounds as though you are getting your fill of hot sex. Sucks about the internet and phone coverage. Any way great post and i wish you well.

    The Male Casting Couch

  5. Professor QH, I would also like to sign up for your class. Would I be working to receive a BA degree? (Boner in Ass Degree naturally...LOL!)

  6. I think you are eminently suited to being a sexual teacher, and great that you can enjoy being sex guy to all these would-be proficient sexers.

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