Friday, August 31, 2012

Buddies are Buddies

             Good morning my buddies!   I am sure you are as glad as I am that this week is almost over. And those of you in the States are getting ready for a bang up Holiday weekend.   The thing to do this weekend, is to spend time with your buddies naked or close to naked.  My buddies and I are going to a clothing optional beer bash on Saturday.  I sometimes forget that the group of buddies I have might not be like the group of buddies you have.  I am lucky... they are all mostly cool guys... all ages and one of the things we all have in common is our love of being naked in groups.  The other thing is that we have had some sort of sex with each other at some point over the years.. So, you might say we are a family.
           I think you need to get with your buddy or a few of your buddies and get naked and get to it!


  1. have a lovely weekend sweetie. It's just me and little man hubby is working the gator game so we will be chilling in front of the tv and eating. xoxo

  2. QH, you have given me an idea for MY weekend! Thanks!

  3. Hope your weekend finds u happily naked with plenty of cock n ass in your mouth!


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