Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How are dem BALLS today?

           Good morning you wonderful people!   How are your BALLS today?  Wouldn't it be cool if when you saw someone today, and you said Hello... then instead of the usual "how are you?"  you asked them how their BALLS were.  I wonder what kind of reaction you would get?  Most probably just a blank look.  I really think that would be a valid question to ask.  I mean really... if your BALLS are well and happy, then most likely the rest of you will be doing fine.  I often talk about inner peace and shit like that, which is important.  But your entire self needs to be in a good place. And if your BALLS are not happy, then how can you think that the rest of you can be fine.  It is a whole holistic approach to well being that is needed.  I am not just talking about making sure you jerk off often to keep those testicles clear and functioning. I am also talking about doing that self check.  Those BALLS of yours have been with you for a long time.... so you should know how the usually feel..... so... while you are in the shower take dem BALLS between  your fingers and rub them and squeeze them.  If you feel anything that seems out of the ordinary, make an appointment with your doctor... do not take a chance... this is important stuff! 

This last photo has nothing to do with checking your BALLS... I just thought that those of you that like a furry ass... would enjoy this one!

  Before i go an jerk off this morning.... one of my great blogger friends has a new XXX blog!
Grab your BALLS and check it out... tell him the Queer Heaven sent you.


  1. WOW! That last one is one hairy ass!

  2. Estupendas fotos, intercambio de

  3. Always good advice!
    You raise an interesting point, too: What WOULD the reaction be to the question? Most likely an uncomfortable feeling that a guy is getting too personal? But it's such an important thing for guys to know and we could cut the death rate down to zero if men would be more open to talking about their balls.

  4. My two are as full as the twenty two on the photos today! And they are happy...especially after seening eleven men, nekid and smilin'!!!



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