Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love being Gay!

        Good morning everyone!    So how are you all this morning?   I sure hope you are all feeling good.  Me?  I've been slowly easing into this day.  I woke up to big thunder and rain. I turned over and there in my face was the smell of his armpits. So strong from the sweat of last nights Beer and Sex. He is breathing slowly.  I reach over and cup his tight plump balls.  I lean over and lightly lick his hairy pits. This is what a man tastes like.  He turns towards me and his tongue is in my mouth. Over, he rolls...his chest  on my chest.   Our Dicks meet and greet each other. He just lays there on top of me.  A finger is in me.  The scent from his pits is stronger now.  Both Dicks are hard.  Condom on and in he goes. I feel full and very happy.  Such things only two men can feel. The bond, the closeness, the utter glory of gay sex.   At that moment, I thank the stars that in this lifetime I am a man. A man who loves other men.  
     His Dick does the job well.... we both are satisfied.  I lick his cum covered Dick.  And kiss his lips with his cum.  He showers and leaves for work, leaving his scent all over my body.


  1. I too am glad you're gay. You bring me a great deal of joy.

  2. I agree whole heartedly! Guy on guy sex is the best!


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