Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Cum & Scrambled Eggs

                   Good morning to you!  I am so glad it is Saturday.  I see there are quite a few new readers again today.  Welcome to my world. I am so glad you found my blog. I hope you are ready for a  nice sexy Saturday.
                   Unfortunately it is a bit overcast and rainy this morning.  I did take my Coffee and  Dick out on the terrace earlier as the sun was really trying to come out. As I just enjoyed the sound of the rain. I noticed that the guy across the courtyard was on his terrace in his undies also.  I let him watch me rubbing on my balls.  He pulled out his and did the same.  So, across the courtyard we jerked off together. But before either he or I could cum, the rain and wind got too strong and I was getting wet.  And Da Dick O'Mine did not want to cum yet anyway. Sometimes Da Dick tells me to hold off and just wait awhile. And I usually do exactly what Da Dick tells me to.  It feels good to walk around the apartment with a hard Dick and full Balls.   I've put some Bacon on to cook and fixed another pot of coffee and scrambled a couple of eggs. 
                  Holy Shit, Aldo just called an hour ago and his car was stolen!  He is really upset! He did all the police stuff and is on his way over here for  Breakfast.  Poor boy!  I think when he gets here, he will need some comforting. Maybe it was good I have not cum yet.... I will let him have it.  A good dose of cum in the face  for Breakfast often makes one feel better.     I'll post today's photos for you now and then get Da Dick O'Mine ready for Aldo.


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