Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Short Wednesday Post.

             Good morning!   How is everyone this morning?  I hope you all are feeling good and that your Dick is quite happy this morning.  Thanks for dropping by and for your comments and emails.  Oh....I received the first set of photos from a loyal reader to post for the up coming reader Holiday Post.  So, get out your camera or iphone and drop your pants and send my a photo of yourself. And a note to Ian... come on and just snap a photo of you in your undies, I know you can do it!
             Isn't that guy in the picture above just too hot for words?  He could sit on my bathroom floor as often as he likes!  I wonder if any of you might know who he is? He is exactly the type of guy that I enjoy playing with.  
             Well, another very busy day at work today and I need to be at the office early, so I'll just post the photos for today.   You may have noticed in the past when I post photos of Dicks they are usually nice tasty looking Cut Dicks.... my preference.   But I do realize that some of you prefer the Uncut variety.... so I have a couple of those today also.   Now, get yourself hard and rub out a real good one!

        Update:  I was sitting here jerking off and saw this photo and my Dick just popped a hot load and I wanted to share his photo before I clean up and head out!


  1. Thank you for including some uncut guys!!! I am uncut and have had some rude remarks about it...really!! I do not know the name of the uber hottie in that top pic, but i do have 4 more pics of him if you are interested...and i am guessing you are, LOL. I will pass them along asap. Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Always luscious! Uncut can be hot - especially if the head is peeking out from under the hood! Have a great day!

  3. You might have a "short post" today, but all the dicks are in the words of Garrison Keeler, Lake Woebegone, "above average". And you have the uncanny ability to find the best!!! Delicious!!! A close race betwen No. 6 and the DOD as to which is the most photogenic Dick for sure!!!!!


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