Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tightey Whitey Thursday

  Good morning buddies!   So glad you dropped by today.  I hope all of you are doing good.  Me? Work is still rather busy and probably a few more late evenings at the office.  But it is the Holidays, so that is to be expected.  And because it is the Holidays.... I have a few parties to go to myself.  
         Aldo and Max have decided to host their first underwear party at their place this Saturday.  This will be cool since I really don't know any of Max's friends.  So I'll get to se a few new guys in their undies. That is always  enjoyable.  You all know by now, how much I adore a guy in underpants!   
        William will be the ringleader of his annual New Years Day Brunch.  ( I wonder if his new Guy will be on the menu)  And I got an invite for a " Holiday Piss Party"!!! That is what the Evite said.  Not too sure about that one. What are they going to do? Stand around and Piss all evening?  I will let you know if I decide to go to that one.   And to top everything off my Rentboi Buddy will be in town for a few days!
        Anyway, I hope you all are planning to attend some really good parties this season.  I've got photos today of my totally favorite undies.... those wonderfully sexy White Y Front Briefs.  Talk with you tomorrow!



  1. What a wonderful post!! I do love a guy in white Y fronts. And the ruggedly handsome dude in pic #6 will do quite nicely!! I think i can tame him just enough, LOL. Ok, i can have some damn good fun trying i am sure :) Sounds liek you have a lot of parties to attend. Hope all goes well. Not too sure about the piss party myself. I have an idea about it, but I myself am not adventerous enough to attend one.

  2. good day love this gallery of guys and the white slip

  3. Great selection today.
    I've got no parties to attend this year. Keeping it kind of low-key since there's a serious lack of money. But, I do love a good party! Not sure about the piss party, though. Those usually entail pissing on one another and, while I do enjoy seeing a guy take a whizz, it's not my thing.

  4. Mine Too!!! Whitie Tighties have a very special appeal to me. Wearing mine right now! Hot set of pix. Thanks. Have a super time partying! Hugs, AOM

  5. Great pics today! Hope you have a ton of fun at the undies party. Would love to attend one myself one day


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