Saturday, December 12, 2015

A lazy Saturday

            The rain has finally stopped!  Looks like the sun might be headed our way for a change. I should really get outside today,but I have a feeling I might just stay in and continue to be amazed that this Dude with the Dick is still here.  He has been like a gift from the Karmic Gods.  Really!!
           I had not mentioned it here, but the las month was not real great.  Work was a total bitch! My money situation took a dive when some damn persom got my credit card number and charged tons of stuff and put my whole account on hold.   And then...I was having trouble with those pesky bladder stones....and....and...and.......!
          And ..then one evening as I was taking the trash out to the alley......there he was...this Dude with the Dick....and my Butt Hole has not been happier in a long while.  And I know from the past, when My Butt Hole and Dick are happy then so am I.
         He is still asleep....he is dirty and smelly, his hair matted to his forehead.  That Dick of his is quietly soft, resting in his amazing Pubic Bush.  The tip of it's head has a few drops of piss leaking out.  Shall I taste him?  No I will let him sleep....he was busy last night fucking me and Waiter Guy.
         I will just finish this post and then watch him sleep. He is leaving in a couple of days, back to his homeland. Oh Shit!  I will miss that Dick of his!   

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  1. love your tranches de vie!!!
    sorry if not always I'm able to leave a comment to every post of your blog. every word is much appreciated!

    happy weekend

    Xersex &


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