Friday, December 11, 2015

Morning Cum

                   He is asleep.  He is breathing softly. He is slightly snoring. 
 He sleeps flat on his stomach.  His arms over his head.  His hair is a mess.  He mouth is open. 
His creamy white Ass is such a contrast to his dark brown body. 
 The hair around his Hole is dark and full and slightly wet. And he sleeps.  
Too much Vodka last night. 
 He Fucked me.  He pounded me. He was just being him.  
                   I stand over him.  I touch his back. I slide my hand down his back. 
I reach his Hole. Yes it is damp and smells very manly. 
 I whisper in his ear. "my turn" I want to Fuck him. 
 One finger is in. Two fingers are in.  I am quite hard and ready. 
 He is awake. He reaches over for a cigarette. 
 He lets my Dick in as he moans a little. 
When I am ready, I pull out and cum on his hole. I lean in and lick up my morning Cum... I reach over and give him my morning cum which he swallows then continues to smoke another cigarette.


  1. Mmmmmmm Wonderful collection of beautiful images. Thanks for filling my keeper folder! I hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend, buddy. Cheers, AOM

  2. are you aware how much evocative sound your texts?


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